• Fake SMTP server
  • Keep your customers away from your test e-mails
  • Out of the box and easy to use email testing environment for software development
  • Focus on your work instead of messing up with development environment


DevelMail is a mail-catcher like online SMTP server dedicated for development environment. Any email sent through our fake SMTP will stay on this server and won’t be ever sent anywhere else!


Because no developer and manager wants to send emails to real customers during testing and development stage.


Really simply! Just sign up for FREE, set up your SMTP server host and credentials and start sending emails without any worries!

Webmail with dev features

Use our webmail interface like real email client. See recipient and sender e-mail addresses, check and download attachments, verify HTML email body, validate the source code and much more coming soon!

Our features


Security as a priority

Web access

Check your emails flawlessly using web browser

Source code view

Inspect email's source code to see what your emails really contain


Check, see and download attachments

BCC fields

Most tools don't allow you to see BCC fields, but not ours!

POP3 access

Don't like web browser? Test in your favourite e-mail client!

Multiple mailboxes

Organize test emails into multiple mailboxes

API for better test automation

API makes automated email testing possible!



5 € / month

PAID Yearly

50 € / year


0 € / month

  • Unlimited messages
  • 1 mailbox
  • 10 MB per mailbox*
  • Mail size up to 2 MB
  • no API access
  • Sign up now!

*If mailbox size is exceeded the oldest messages are deleted

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at

DevelHell, s. r. o., Hlavna 1516, 900 41 Rovinka, Slovakia

VAT ID: SK2024016247

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